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Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park is pretty small compared to other national parks, but it still offers a lot to see and do. I think under normal circumstances it is not a very busy park, but we were there on Labor... Continue Reading →


Redwood National Forest

I was so excited to go see the giant Redwood trees that I could barely control myself. I had seen pictures of tiny little people standing next to these enormous trees and definitely wanted to see them with my own... Continue Reading →

The Oregon Coast

I was sad to leave Washington because I had really fallen in love with it, but I was excited to move on to Oregon because I had heard it was a beautiful state. We would be driving down the entire... Continue Reading →

Olympic National Park

The drive from North Cascades to Olympic National Park was beautiful. We passed through lots of cute little towns, some beautiful mountains and lakes, and even got to ride a ferry! The ferry ride was a complete surprise. We were... Continue Reading →

North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park is located in Northern Washington, almost in Canada. We hadn’t heard much about this park, so we arrived and were just kind of hoping for the best. We weren’t even sure if we were in the... Continue Reading →

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park was one of my favorite places we stopped at on our road trip. The park is located in Northern Montana and extends up into Canada. The park is huge and I was only able to see a... Continue Reading →

Yellowstone National Park

From Grand Teton we drove straight up through the park and into Yellowstone. The two parks butt right up against each other. We exited Grand Teton’s North entrance and drove right into Yellowstone’s South entrance. It’s very convenient. Yellowstone is... Continue Reading →

Grand Teton National Park

  It would be just about impossible for me to choose a favorite road trip stop, but Grand Teton is definitely in my top three. There is so much beauty in this park. Everywhere you go there are gorgeous lakes,... Continue Reading →

Rocky Mountain National Park

  Rocky Mountain National Park is gorgeous. It is also huge, so I was upset we only had one day to spend there. We made the most of our time there though. We entered the park through the Estes Park... Continue Reading →

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